Retirement Bucket List: 18 Epic Bucket List Ideas 

Retirement water sport

Creating a retirement bucket list is not just an exercise in planning, it’s an exhilarating journey into your wildest dreams and deepest desires. It’s like drawing a roadmap to a future rich with possibilities, brimming with things that excite and inspire you.

How do you kick-start this adventure? A bucket list, printed and tangible, is a radiant beacon of your aspirations. This list becomes your compass, guiding you toward your dreams. You’re not just fantasizing but making progress by breaking down those dreams into manageable steps.

Imagine a bucket list that is a perfect reflection of you – a mirror of your passions and values. It could be the thrill of exploring exotic locales, the feeling of accomplishment at mastering a new skill, or the warmth of creating memories with loved ones. The key is to fashion a list that aligns with your unique visions for your golden years.

Let’s look at your list. How about including activities that enrich your life and promote your well-being? Think about hiking in breathtaking landscapes, practicing yoga at sunrise, or volunteering for a cause close to your heart. Imagine discovering latent talents, perhaps through painting serene landscapes or visiting an exotic location.

But here’s the exciting part—this is YOUR bucket list. There’s no room for the ordinary. Dream of places that have sparked your curiosity or adventure sports that send a thrill down your spine? It’s time to chase those dreams. Remember, your retirement is your canvas, and it’s time to create your masterpiece!

My Bucket list

To get things started, I’ll share my bucket list.

Some of these ambitions are in the process of becoming realities, while others are clear visions waiting to materialize. There are even a few that are distant stars – always wanted, yet seemingly out of reach. But isn’t the true joy in reaching for them anyway?

The beauty of a bucket list lies not in its completion, but in the richness of the journey it sparks and the experiences it cultivates. Will every box be ticked? Perhaps. But even if not, the thrill is in trying.

Remember, this bucket list is as fluid as your dreams. It’s a living, evolving entity that bends and sways with the rhythm of your life. You are free to change it, to mold it to your whims and fancies, at any given moment.

If my list makes you want to craft one of your own, visit my Infographics Page, and you’ll discover a version of this list that you can shape and style to suit your dreams. Download it, dive in, and begin the incredible journey of creating your very own bucket list. After finalizing, print it out and position it where you’ll see it daily. After all, the magic lies in imagining the unimaginable, then setting out to make it real.

retirement bucket list infographic

Download an editable version here.

Retirement Bucket List Ideas for Adventure Seekers

A retirement bucket list for adventure seekers will include thrilling activities and experiences to pump your adrenaline.


Skydiving is one such bucket list item for adventure seekers. Imagine jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet above the ground and free-falling for up to a minute before opening your parachute.

The rush of adrenaline and the breathtaking views make it an unforgettable experience. Many skydiving centers offer tandem jumps, where you are partnered with an experienced instructor who will guide you with everything you need to know.


For those who love hiking and exploring new places, hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru should be on their retirement bucket list. This amazing Incan city was built in the 15th century and sits high in the Andes Mountains at over 7,000 feet above sea level.

The hike takes several days but rewards adventurers with stunning views of mountains, valleys, and forests and glimpses into ancient history.


Cycling is a thrilling adventure that merits a spot on your bucket list. Beyond the physical fitness benefits, it offers a sense of freedom and exploration that’s hard to match. Whether cruising along quiet country lanes, tackling scenic trails, or navigating vibrant city parks, cycling can reignite your sense of adventure.

It opens up opportunities to discover new places, meet like-minded enthusiasts, and even challenge yourself in ways you might not have thought possible. So, strap on your helmet and add this exciting endeavor to your bucket list—the road is waiting for you!

Visit Exotic Locations

Exploring new cultures is another exciting addition to any retirement bucket list. Travel experiences like visiting exotic destinations or trying local foods can provide unique opportunities for growth and self-discovery while also being fun-filled adventures.

Embarking on a road trip is also an excellent way to explore new places and create lasting memories. You can plan your route, pack up your car, and hit the open road without an itinerary or schedule.

Incorporating adventure into your retirement bucket list can help you stay active, healthy, and engaged. It’s always possible to start exploring the world around you and experiencing new things. Retirement is the perfect time to take risks, try new activities, and make unforgettable memories.

learn something new

Learn Something New

Retirement is the phase where you can finally savor the rewards of your hard work. Indulge in activities you may have needed more time during your working years. Learning something new is an excellent way to make the most of retirement. Whether it’s a new skill, hobby, or language, taking on a new challenge can be a perfect way to keep your mind active and engaged.

Water Sports

Engaging in water sports like surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding can be enjoyable and exhilarating. They are excellent options for retirees who love adventure and want to stay physically fit. These activities provide exciting travel experiences while also improving physical fitness.

Surfing is also an excellent way to challenge yourself while enjoying the beauty of the ocean. Kayaking provides a great upper body workout while allowing you to explore beautiful waterways.

Learning A New Language

Taking classes in a new language can open up travel and cultural immersion opportunities. Learning a new language, while challenging, can be incredibly rewarding. It allows you to communicate with people from different cultures and countries, making travel more enjoyable and meaningful.

Additionally, studies have shown that learning a second language can help improve cognitive function in older adults.

Learn New Skills

Learning a new skill, such as woodworking, painting, or cooking, can provide creative outlets and a sense of accomplishment. Woodworking is an excellent option for those who enjoy working with their hands and creating something from scratch.

Painting allows you to express yourself creatively while exploring different techniques and mediums. Cooking provides endless experimentation opportunities while allowing you to create delicious meals for yourself or loved ones.

Opportunities for Learning

Many forms of learning are available today, from online courses to community college classes, making it easier than ever to try something new during retirement.

Online courses are a fantastic choice for individuals who like to learn at their own pace and in the comfort of their homes. Community college classes provide a more traditional classroom experience and allow you to interact with other students.

Benefits Of Learning Something New

Learning something new can be challenging, but it also provides many benefits. It keeps your mind active and engaged, helps improve cognitive function, and includes travel and cultural immersion opportunities. Learning a new skill or hobby can provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-confidence.

According to the Department of Education, lifelong learning is essential for older adults’ cognitive health and overall well-being. Studies have found that participating in mentally stimulating activities, such as taking on a challenging hobby or learning a new language, could help delay the onset of dementia by several years.

Get Your Hands Dirty: Gardening and Planning a Garden

Gardening is a fantastic way to spend your retirement days. It can provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment, but it’s also an excellent way to get some exercise and fresh air while beautifying your living space. Planning your garden can be a fun activity that allows you to choose the things you want to grow and the amount of work you want to put in.

One great thing about gardening is that it can be as much work or play as you want. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance garden, consider planting perennials that come back year after year with little care required. Up for a challenge? you can try growing flowers or vegetables from seeds. Although this will require more time and effort, the rewards are well worth it.

Caring for your plants can be a bit of work, but it’s also an excellent way to keep your mind active and engaged. Gardening requires problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and patience – all beneficial traits for keeping your mind sharp as you age.

Gardening with others

Gardening can also be a community activity that allows you to connect with others who share your love for plants and nature. Joining a local gardening club or volunteering at a community garden are great ways to meet new people while learning more about gardening techniques and plant care.

In addition to providing mental stimulation and social connections, gardening can save you money on groceries. Growing your fruits and vegetables means less money spent at the grocery store, which can add up over time.

Planning your garden

When planning your garden, consider what plants will thrive in your climate and soil conditions. Research different varieties of plants online or visit your local nursery for advice on what will grow best in your area.

It’s important to remember that gardening is not just about the result – it’s also about enjoying the process along the way. Take time each day to tend to your plants, whether watering them, pruning them, or simply admiring their growth. Gardening is a rewarding way to spend your time and can provide a sense of accomplishment that is hard to find elsewhere.

senior gardening

Pursue Your Passions

A retirement bucket list should include things you are passionate about. One way to make the most of your retirement years is by pursuing hobbies and interests that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Hobbies can provide an excellent opportunity for retirees to learn new skills, challenge themselves mentally and physically, and stay active. Engaging in hobbies such as woodworking or painting can create meaningful items you can share with loved ones or sell.

Exploring New Interests

Retirees have the luxury of exploring new interests; they may have needed more time during their working years. Whether learning a new language, photography, or gardening, there are countless opportunities to discover new passions.

Pursuing hobbies in retirement can also bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Many retirees need to learn the structure and routine of their working lives once they retire. Hobbies provide a way to fill this void while allowing them to explore their creativity.

Skills Hobbies Challenges

Engaging in skills and hobbies challenges retirees both mentally and physically. These types of hobbies require focus, patience, and attention to detail. They also provide an excellent opportunity for retirees to learn new skills while keeping their minds sharp.


For example, woodworking requires precise measurements, cutting angles correctly using saws like jigsaws or circular saws, and sanding surfaces smooth with sandpaper before applying finishes like varnish or paint – all activities which help keep the mind sharp as well as providing tangible results the end of each project.


Similarly, painting requires focus on details such as brush strokes or color mixing, which requires concentration and provides an outlet for creativity.

Hobbies provide an excellent opportunity to socialize with others who share similar interests. Joining a club or group focusing on a particular hobby can lead to new friendships and connections.

Additionally, hobbies can also provide a sense of accomplishment. Whether finishing a woodworking project or a painting, the pride and satisfaction of completing something meaningful are priceless.

Make Memories with Loved ones

Spending time with grandchildren can create lasting memories they will cherish for years. As we age, making the most of our time with our loved ones becomes more critical. Whether baking bread together, going on vacations or attending live events, there are many ways to create great times together and bond as a family.

Community Events and Live Experiences

One way to spend quality time with your grandchildren is to attend community events and live experiences. These events provide opportunities for bonding and creating shared memories that will last a lifetime. From local festivals to concerts and sporting events, there are countless options for families looking to spend time together.

For example, you could attend a music festival or concert in your area. Many cities host free outdoor concerts during the summer months that are perfect for families. You could also check out local theater productions or attend sporting events like baseball games or soccer matches.

Another option is to attend cultural festivals in your area. These events often feature food vendors, music performances, and other activities that celebrate different cultures worldwide. This can be a great way to expose your grandchildren to new experiences and broaden their horizons.

Trips with Family Members

Another way to create lasting memories with your grandchildren is by taking trips together as a family. Traveling offers a chance to explore new places, try new things, and spend more time together, whether it’s an extended vacation or a weekend getaway. 

When planning a trip with your grandchildren, consider their interests and hobbies. For example, if they love animals, you could plan a trip to the zoo or aquarium. If they enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or camping, you could plan a trip to a national park.

It’s also important to consider the age of your grandchildren when planning your trip. Younger children may be unable to handle long car rides or strenuous activities like hiking or kayaking. Make sure to plan activities that are appropriate for their age and abilities.

Remember to check out affiliate links for deals on family-friendly vacations. There are many travel websites that offer discounts and special deals for families traveling together. By taking advantage of these offers, you can save money while creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Baking Bread Together

Finally, baking bread together is one of the simplest yet most meaningful ways to spend time with your grandchildren. This activity allows you to teach your grandchildren valuable skills while creating lasting memories.

Baking bread together can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your grandchildren. You could start by teaching them how to make a simple loaf of bread or try more advanced recipes.

Not only does baking bread provide an opportunity for bonding, but it also teaches necessary life skills like patience, attention to detail, and following instructions. Your grandchildren will cherish the memories of baking bread with you for years to come.

senior with grandkids

Movie Buffs Unite

Creating a Movie Bucket List

Movies have been an integral part of our lives for over a century and have evolved with time. Some movies are timeless classics that continue to inspire generations even today. No wonder many consider themselves movie buffs and enjoy watching films in their free time.

If you love movies, creating a bucket list is a great way to explore the best films of all time. A movie bucket list is simply a list of must-watch movies you want to see before you die. Creating your movie bucket list can be very exciting and fulfilling, allowing you to discover new genres, directors, actors, and stories.

To create your movie bucket list, start by researching the best films. Many resources are available online that provide comprehensive lists of top-rated movies based on different criteria such as genre, year of release, director’s name, or actor’s name. You can also consult with friends or family members who share your love for movies and get their recommendations.

Once you have drafted your list of movie bucket lists, narrow down the selection based on your personal preferences. Consider factors such as the genre (comedy, drama, action), language (English or foreign), era (classic or modern), or theme (romance, adventure). Select those movies that interest you the most and ensure they are easily accessible through streaming services or DVD rentals.

Making Your Film

Watching movies is not just about entertainment; it can also be an inspiring experience that motivates us to create something ourselves. Taking a filmmaking class or workshop is an excellent option if you have thought about making your film but don’t know where to start.

A filmmaking class will teach you the basics of creating your film from scratch. You will learn about different aspects of filmmaking, such as screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound design. You will also get hands-on experience by creating your short film under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Even if you can’t access a filmmaking class or workshop, you can still make your film using a smartphone or a digital camera. You only need a good story idea, essential equipment, and creativity. Making your film can be equally challenging and rewarding, allowing you to express yourself creatively and share your vision with others.

Documenting Your Journey

Making your film can be an exciting journey filled with ups and downs. To capture this experience for posterity, consider documenting your journey by keeping a journal or writing a book about the process.

A journal is a great way to record your thoughts, ideas, and progress as you work on your film project. It can also serve to inspire you when you feel stuck or demotivated. Writing a book about the process can be even more rewarding as it allows you to share your experiences with others who may be interested in making their films.

Sharing Your Love for Movies

 If you want to share your love for movies with friends and family, hosting a movie night or starting a film club could be an excellent way.

Hosting a movie night is simple; you only need popcorn, drinks, and comfortable seating arrangements. Choose a theme (horror movies, romantic comedies) or genre (action movies) and invite people for an evening of fun-filled entertainment.

Starting a film club requires more planning but can be equally rewarding. A film club is a group of people who meet regularly to watch movies together and discuss them afterward. Choose members with similar interests in movies and select films everyone can watch and enjoy.

quite time with loved one

Retirement Bucket List Ideas for Nature Lovers

Explore National Parks: Add visiting national parks to your bucket list and explore the world’s natural beauty. From Yosemite to Yellowstone, there are plenty of options to choose from. National parks offer a unique opportunity to experience nature in its purest form. The vast landscapes, stunning views, and diverse wildlife make for an unforgettable adventure.

Yellowstone National Park

One of the most popular parks is Yellowstone National Park in the United States. It’s home to geysers, hot springs, and other geothermal wonders you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. You can also see bison, elk, wolves, and bears roaming freely throughout the park.

Joshua Tree National Park

For those looking for a different, consider visiting Joshua Tree National Park in California. This park is known for its unique rock formations and desert landscape. You can hike through hidden valleys or climb towering peaks for panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Wildlife Safari

Get your nature fix by going on a wildlife safari. Whether in Africa or closer to home, seeing animals in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. A safari allows you to observe animals without disturbing or interfering with their daily routines.

Africa is known for its incredible safaris, where you can see lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and more roaming free across the savannahs. However, if you want to travel less than that far, there are plenty of options closer to home.

Safari Closer to Home

In North America alone, there are many opportunities for wildlife safaris, such as whale-watching tours off the coast of Alaska or bear-watching excursions in British Columbia.


Step out of your comfort zone and spend a night camping under the stars. Whether in a tent or a camper van, there’s nothing quite like sleeping in nature. It allows you to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

You can camp almost anywhere – from established campgrounds to remote wilderness areas. If you want a unique camping experience, consider camping on the beach or in another unconventional location.

Hike a scenic trail

 From mountains to coastlines, there are countless scenic hikes to choose from that will take you through some of the most amazing landscapes on Earth. While hiking is suitable for your physical health, it is also good for your mental well-being.

One of North America’s most popular hiking destinations is Banff National Park in Canada. The park has over 1,000 miles of trails that wind through stunning mountain scenery and crystal-clear lakes.

Pacific Crest Trail

If you’re looking for something closer to home, consider hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail stretching from Mexico to Canada. This trail takes hikers through some of the most breathtaking scenery in North America, including deserts, forests, and mountain ranges.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, one of North America’s most famous natural wonders, with over 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide, reaching depths over a mile deep! You can take a helicopter tour for an unforgettable view from above or hike down into the canyon. 

Niagra Falls

Niagara Falls is another popular destination that attracts millions of visitors each year. The falls are located on the border between Canada and the United States. It consists of three waterfalls, Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

senior Hiking

Celebrate Life

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of fun; it’s a time to celebrate life. After years of hard work, retirees deserve to enjoy their golden years and make the most of every day.

Celebrating life in retirement can take many forms. Some retirees travel and explore new places, while others prefer to spend time with family and friends or take up new hobbies and interests. Whatever the preference, the most important thing is to enjoy every moment and make the most of this exciting new chapter in life.

One of the most significant benefits of retirement is having more free time to pursue personal interests and passions. Whether taking up a new hobby or rediscovering an old one, retirees can enjoy learning and growing in ways that were not possible during their working years.

Retirement also provides the opportunity to spend more quality time with loved ones. Family and friends can be a great source of joy and support during retirement, and retirees can create memories that will last a lifetime by sharing experiences and adventures.

Retirees need to remember that celebrating life in retirement doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Simple pleasures like spending time outdoors, reading a book, or trying a new recipe can be as fulfilling and enjoyable as a lavish vacation or fancy dinner.

Final Thoughts on Creating Your Ultimate Retirement Bucket List

Retirement is a time to relax, unwind and enjoy life. It’s an opportunity to pursue your passions, try new things, and create unforgettable memories. A retirement bucket list can help you do just that. By creating a retirement bucket list, you can set goals for yourself and make the most of your golden years.

The ideas in this article are by no means exhaustive. However, they should help you get your ideas flowing to create your retirement bucket list based on your interests and passions.

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